Bored and sedated, eyes focused on the TV, I was watching a re-run of a show that lacks every sense of creativity. “Straight from the volt.”

The announcer has told: “Tame your excitements with a dart, the show is about to start!” The protagonist is thrown back into a state of helter-skelter, with no place for him to claim as a shelter. Broadcasting all the chaos inside his brain into a blank white wall, contemplating himself as he falls. On the point of impact, it got hard for him to interact with the blackness around due to what you once called “blue” Chewing on his straight-jacket, not needing that knife they’ve kept in their pocket. Breaking the spells of voodoo, there’s nothing left for him to do. She was never alone, and he was never dead. He kept all his friends close, they were always inside his head. In a blink of an eye time has passed, “It’s not over, you are still frozen in the past!” Re-animated by lightning, my feelings arose, while he was picking the petals of a dead rose. Sitting and contemplating his empty wall painted red, analyzing all the lies that you’ve said. He was now crawling in the forest, breathing in the mild mist. The ice has melted from the heat of his grudge, and the mud has turned into a pile of sludge.

God was still dead, handcuffed with his throat slit. There was nothing that hasn’t been said, except there’s a bullet-shaped hole on his forehead. “Out of stars to make a wish, your smiles grew into scabs, as her face fades within the eclipse…” My eyes started to get blurry, and I was filled with nothing but fury. I’ve burnt the petals across the shore, hoping the flames would consume the core. “And as the embers scattered and filled the air with mist, it blinded your sight from a pounding fist!” The wall turned into a brighter shade of red, reflecting every drip that I have ever bled. Everything faded and lost its meaning, and I was deafened by the stars screaming. My darkest days, why are we apart? I swallowed the razors and now they’re cutting my heart. Though on your lips I tasted murder, I didn’t mind you being my killer. I’ve turned my back, but she didn’t disappear, she’s living forever, in the form of my tears. “Now that your brain is here, you should be shaking with fear!” But there was still nothing left here. There is nothing left. “Didn’t you have enough of this?” With so much weight atop my limbs – “You pray for someone to your hear hymns…” But all I got was nothing but fear and laughter – “With pointed fingers at your disaster!” The wall splits in two – “And from within the darkness grew!” The curtains asunder as I kicked the chair – “You couldn’t help but smile as you’re eaten by this flare!” Life was never fair and you’ll always be caged. Haven’t you realized that this is all staged?