Who we are

We are an online media platform where the youth can express themselves through different media channels (blogging, online radio, YouTube channel.)

What makes us special is that we edit the content, translate it, and distribute it, giving you a more remarkable content and bigger reach.


  • Meet the team:
  • -Edmond Shami: Founder & former project manager
  • -Francess Issa: Partner & former web developer and data analyst
  • -Hala Baqaeen: Former editor-in-chief
  • -Bilal Swaisseh: Former graphic designer and brand manager
  • -Waseem Qawasmi: Former media manager (photography and videography)
  • -Kameel Kishek: Former Senior Editor& confounder of VOME magazine
  • -Karam Risheg: Former Project Manager & confounder of  VOME magazine
  • -Miral Zureikat: Web developer & Project Manager
  • -Abdallah Alzou’bi : Graphic Designer 
  • -Heba Darwish: Editor