Nowadays, staying positive is very difficult to be achieved due to many instances and situations in our everyday lives.. 
Our new writer Hadeel Abdalla helps you “find happiness even in the darkest of times” as Albus Dumbledore said.

Keeping a positive outlook on life!!

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. Who of us has heard that quote before? Of course all of you have… but why?

Because no one in this world can tolerate a life with nothing but devastation and miserable situations. It might be hard to believe, but I was one of those who always turned any sad, depressing, terrible day into a happy, joyful, lighthearted day.

You might say for yourselves “What happened”? Long story short, I was a girl who loved life, with its bad and good days. I would always have a way to cheer anyone up, a smile on my face the entire day. Until it was early 2013, Depression and Anxiety came out of nowhere, and hit me like a ton of bricks. You may be asking yourselves “How”? Well not everyone is happy in this world, even the rich that we always say “their lives are extraordinary for sure”. That’s not true.

 My story with depression started when I started to have what’s called a “Panic Attack”. It made me cry hysterically with no reason at all, the good part is, it always made me feel better whenever I cried. I didn’t tell neither my parents nor my siblings. Because they’ve always known “Hadeel with the big cheerful smile on her face that never fades till the end of the day”. I stayed in that state this for about two months.


Then came the day that I didn’t want, knocking on my door. My mother entered my room while I was sitting on the praying carpet crying my eyes and heart out. “What’s wrong my dear”? Silence and more crying. “I said what’s wrong?!! You will look at my face after taking a deep breath”. So, I did what I was told and calmed down a little. I sat and looked up at her with my sad, red, teary eyes, and told her everything. How, when and where this started. The shock had her in tears, then she told me she went through exactly the same thing after she lost her father. I told her you had a reason for it, but I don’t. She remained silent, all she did was hug me. The next day I was taken to a psychologist with her, I was told that this could be caused genetically. You don’t have to go through something to get depressed. I started taking medication, the improvement was shown from the very first two weeks. And I started getting back to my old, happy, fun, and loving-life self again after a couple of years. I didn’t mention that the psychologist said that I’m dealing with “depression” because I don’t believe in this word. I believe that what I went through was a test sent from God so that he can see how patient will I be, how close will I stay to him in my hard time likewise when I was close to him even before these miserable days. I’m still on medication just for the need to simulate my brain, so I could stay happy, but I’ve started cutting it for months now. Because I have faith in God, that he’s always there for me and taking care of me and my family, and that’s what matters most. Never be too shy to reach out and ask for a helping hand. I promise you that it will change your life.

 I hope that by sharing my story, I’m trying to show you, that there is hope, that it is possible to achieve amazing things, even when living with a monster called depression.

 STAY POSITIVE NO MATTER WHAT, because you can’t live a positive life with a negative mindset. Just know that a smile and happiness will look gorgeous on you.




Stay Positive!!