People born with gifts? Not really. Talented people do have gifts, it just depends on how they make it grow.

Not all talented people have the safe space to make their talents better, some of them have to create their own safe space to develop their skills, develop their minds, and their perspective.

Let me tell you about my personal experience, I had the passion to take pictures and write and recite poetry at around the age of 12, and sketch at around the age of 7. The sad part about this all is that I didn’t have friends, I was an outcast at a school that didn’t take care of talents as much as others, they just focused on academic skills more –the reason behind my obsession with math and physics-, and no support from any family member, as whenever I would read something I wrote, I’d get laughs, whenever I was proud of a picture I took, I would get laughed at as well, whenever I would show a drawing I sketched, I would get “you have no talent, stop trying”. And as a kid I don’t really blame myself for giving up on all the many things I can do, do math equations in seconds, write in under 5 mins, an article that is 3 pages long, sketching my desires in this world, taking my photography to a whole new level, I don’t blame myself for giving up on all that, even though I should’ve overcome the negativity, but again, I had no one to be there for me in hard times but myself, and I was weak, and I still am weak, but stronger.

Some kids have many hidden talents, some others don’t, and that’s normal. Talents are gifts, and they are at the same time, a curse. Some parents take it way too extreme with their children, wanting them to perfect everything, and pressuring their child to do everything perfectly and without any mistakes. Some parents don’t even care about their child’s passion, and both kinds of parents are wrong here, and I, got the other half of that sentence.

At around 14 years old, I found a friend, sketching a batman mask, and I, being Adam, loved it, and we started hanging out, she was the only wall I had to lean on when I needed to be supported. I write poetry “with passion” as she would put it out, I sketch very nicely to be honest, not even gonna try being humble about that, as for my photography? Go back to the beginning of the article, look at the picture you see above the title, yeah you see, I took that, I created my safe space to develop all that, with the help of my friend and myself. Kudos to her for being there, I was a “weakling” (didn’t wanna use the other word).

Looking at where I was 5 years ago, and where I am right now makes me really happy, and confused at the same time, seeing the positive feedback that I get from people, just makes me smile, makes me glad I’m still alive, makes me glad I didn’t lose myself when I was 12 and tried to stay strong and not listen to negative bullshit as much you know? I did stop, I did give up, but that didn’t stop me for good, if it did, I wouldn’t be here writing this article for you.

Just remember, find yourself by making time for yourself, and whoever says you can’t do it, shove it up their face and show them you can, you’re stronger than what people say you are, remember that.