No, the two letter word that determines consent from rape, the two letter word that decides the fate of the girl in her family, having her as “shame” or “pride”.

Girls get attacked, harassed, catcalled, raped, and no, is the word to prevent that from happening, we need to teach our girls to say no since they are kids, to their dads, to their uncles, and even to their friends at school. But sadly, sometimes, no is not enough for the boys’ ears to hear, sometimes no turns them into monsters and they start abusing the girl, they sometimes, end up killing the girl, and sending her mutilated body back to her parents, who are ashamed, to bury.

It’s not only girls who get attacked by rapists, boys too, some boys just stay silent to hide it because of the “manly pride” they are taught at such a young age, the word “shame” muttered on the lips of their parents, just because they are boys. They are as abused as girls are nowadays, with the spread of damned ideas, the spread of illiterate people, making it harder to live in a society where one cannot leave their house to buy some groceries without the supervision of an adult, even at an age where a boy becomes a “man”.

Lastly, consent is saying yes to everything, or according to Wikipedia, consent occurs when one person voluntarily agrees to the proposal or desires of another.

Teach your children to say no to anything that they do not agree on, teach your children to have CONSENT.