You know what Heba? You’re right!! You’re never too old for any Disney movie!!!!


Life gets you thinking sometimes, you know? Like,okay, I’m nineteen years old, and I’m telling this from my view of it all, I’ve been on this earth for that long and with every day that goes by I only watch people I’ve known for so many years change, so much , and I’m not dissing or criticizing change can’t be wrong, we’re all human we all change, even I changed over the years it’s only normal, but here’s the thing everyone changes in their own way, and do we even know if there’s a right way?

 Humans tend to judge a lot, and as I grow and so does everyone I know, I can’t help but keep responding to the same question or just listening to the same phrase “do you plan on growing up any time soon?” “You can’t do this you’re too old for it”, you’re too old for the simplest of things like playing in the park to the most ridiculous of things like eating a lollipop, but why? I get that with growing up there are responsibilities and so many things to worry about but why lose the fun of life while going through that, if you think back to it the happiest of days in almost everyone’s life was their childhood and it’s bad enough that we have to go through life as it is so why does it have to be in a mature way?!

 Why don’t we get to enjoy it again, it’s not like we were born with the decision of having an awful life after the age of twenty, its yet another society standard that humans decide to implant in you as you grow, the reasons for it are beyond me, but I’d say to hell with it, if growing up means dreams fade then I’ll give up on growing up!

“You’re too old for this and that” you know if I’m living life the right way and working and studying why does that matter! I mean here I am a student busting myself every day to get my bachelor degree but still insistent on doing the most childish of things like watching a Disney movie, I don’t care what you say, but you’re never too old to watch Aladdin.

Growing Up!