The journey of meeting people can be good or bad,here’s the bad…

Noxious. Venomous. Consuming. Corrupting.

Sounds familiar? Anyone in your life making you feel that way lately?

Sometimes we let people in our lives not realizing the effect they will have on it. We trust them. We let down our guard .We take a chance. Because life is about taking risks and putting yourself out there.

But shit happens. And people disappoint you. They don’t live up to the expectations. They tumble and fall from the pedestal you have them on.

Her presence becomes toxic. She sucks the life out of you. She is consuming, noxious, venomous. She wreaks havoc in your once peaceful life. You have to let her go. The friendship that used to make you happy is now making you miserable. But it’s not as easy as you think it is.

After all, she meant a lot to you. You shared a lifetime together. So, you question yourself. What changed? When did everything spiral out of control? Are your reasons valid?

So you brave yourself and you make the decision. Ties are cut. You go your separate ways.

But how do you move on? The answer is simple: You don’t. She was and still is a huge part of your life. But you take it one day at a time. Time heals all pain. At least that’s what my grandma used to say.