By our very own Raslan Zorba!

“It remains, in my head, in my soul… It remains.” 

A distorted moon kneeled before me 
With a beauty nobody could ever see 
A black cloud sucks away it’s light 
Soaked in darkness, I smiled with fright 

The wind blew, and it split the moon into two 
With eyes wide open, I stood and watched the distortion 
The sky has bled, was God actually dead? 

With no time to think, the twitching caused my eyes to blink, 
and yet I ran and I fled, back to where my Demons always dreamt 
To a place where all I saw was an hour-glass almost reaching its limits, 
And I cut my palm through shards of glass trying to flip it 

Staring at an empty screen of concrete and glass 
A child showed up, running through fields of grass 
Smiling and oblivious of the surrounding fire 
Humming as his shadow leaped higher 

-“Will you help me breathe? Or will you stand there in your relief?” 

Dumbfounded, I watched the still-face of the child melt 
The smell of his burning hair and flesh filled my body with guilt 

Jerking my head, I saw someone that is old 
His skin was pealing, and his body felt cold 
Weeping and screaming, he spoke to me of the secrets that were never told. 

-“There’s no need to pray for something that is already lost, the price I’ve paid was above the cost. 
There’s no need for you to shoulder the blame, it will gain you nothing but fear and pain.” 

A hand grasps his throat and forces him to swallow 
He sunk in quicksand, and his eyes grew hollow 
Coughing, his mindless act that has rot 
Confusion blinded my eyes like storms of dust 

The old man’s face can no longer be seen, for the blackness grew really keen. 

Numb and hazy, I saw the blank screen bloom like a daisy 
I closed my eyes, refusing to see, the only thing that is left of me 
As if I was kicking while being pulled, 
Dragged inside I watch my life unfold. 

-“There’s no-way out from inside your head.”

Time will fuse its Worth