After a hiatus! Raslan Zorba gives you a poem!!! 

“Nostalgia ~ Scar of Time”

In a place with nothing but a candle glow

I’ve felt the essence of her blood in my veins flow

 Drawing images inside my brain

 With the colors that I could never gain

Smiling in a place where no one can see

Sanity finally sets me free…


 Dreams are lost inside this maze

 Beneath the walls, these mystic eyes gaze

Beckoned by the bleeding hands that I followed

 I found an alien that seemed to be shallow


 Walking slowly, it started to hiss

 These sweet words of lust out of her lips

 Leaning closer, reaching out for a kiss

 Indulging me into this oblivious world of bliss


Reaching down my back with a tender touch

 Poking the holes, causing the blood out to gush

 Twitching to the taste of betrayal that lurks somewhere in this kiss

 The bitterness caused my smile to crisp


 Now that we’ve opened our eyes

There’s nothing left but a tower of lies

And I’m back to the days of discomfort

Sleeping with both hands tied around my heart

 The heart that will never stop beating

As long as you are breathing


 I’m laying down, alone in this hollow bed

 Atop the sheets where we once bled

and I’m back to the days of lowly speaking

Making sure no one hears the weeping

 Weeping about the past

 The hate that you could never cast


But you could never change my simple plans of obscurity

 I’ll die as the martyr you could never be

 Because we’re back to the days of neglection

 Staring at the scars, lost in this recollection

 A recollection of thoughts

That will never get caught

“Nostalgia ~ Scar of Time”