“Holding out for a hero”: An article by our very own Heba Darwish 

The world needed a hero, the path the world was taking was a scary one, people needed hope and so timely publications decided to take action, it decided to provide the world with the hero they needed the destruction surely didn’t stop but upcoming generation’s saw hope in those comics and although the world is in a better state and the subjugation has come to an end our always silver lining of hope hasn’t.

It has grown, still growing, and its fandoms are bigger than they ever expected, it’s beyond incredible the amount of readers of those comics of all ages so what is there to it? There are so many marvel superheroes that even if you’re not a fan you must have heard of them at some point or even enjoyed one of their movies! So let’s introduce some of these marvel superb superheroes, shall we!

 We all know Spider-Man of course! the hero of heroes typical clumsy teenager whom just happen to land on the right super power , or it’s more of the super power landed on him He surely possess cool powers, but not on the god-like level of Thor.

 So Thor? Based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name, is the Asgardian god of thunder and possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability of flight and weather manipulation amongst his other superhuman attributes and then there’s of course Captain America, who heard of Captain America? Sorry! Actually who hasn’t!! subjected to bullying and mockery as a child but possessing a heart of gold so when a super-soldier serum transformed him into a man at the peak of human potential he was finally able to put that strong moral compass of his to good use. And so the list goes on for so long marvel is considered no. #1 right now cut it can handle its characters well unlike any other as any fan would say. A fan of marvel would definitely describe it as realistic and relatable to and so easy to understand so whether you’ve been a fan for years or you’re just coming across I’d recommend you hit those marvel comics for your guaranteed to have an enjoyable read.

“Holding out for a hero”