So my awkward friend Ammar wrote an article about awkwardness…

Gikochinai (AWKWARD)


Do you know how to say awkward in different languages? I’ll teach you, in French it’s maladroit
in Spanish it’s torpe, in Japanese it’s Gikochinai( ぎこちない ). Funny thing is even the word awkward is awkward between words because we can’t find a direct translation for it from a language to another.

Maybe we can’t relate our awkwardness with each other in different languages but I’m kinda sure we all experience specific situations each and every day in the daily adventures of an awkward person.

Let’s have a game, say grosome* if you ever done any of the following:

You’ve put on headphones without even listening to anything just to avoid people. Doing this is the closest thing I’m aware of to a real-life invisibility.

You’ve created a new word while talking to someone, what happens is you try to say great and your mind tells you nope not today I want to say awesome, you end up saying grosome and you’ll laugh nervously and play it cool while in the back of your head you wish you were dead.

You see someone you know in the halls and instantly grab your phone and pretend to talk to somebody just to avoid that person, the problem is that you don’t dislike them, it’s just when you’re awkward there are days that you just can’t function as a social human being.

You’ll walk down the hall and you see someone walking towards you, and now it’s time to make a decision! It’s either left or right, just two options and you end up doing a dance going left and right like you’re trying to summon a goddamned spirit.

You suddenly find yourself staring at someone, that’s normal, right? I agree, but what’s not normal is when they look back at you and you panic and start moving your head around and staring at the ceiling, yup casual staring at the freaking ceiling!

You see someone you know sitting somewhere so you want to sit next to them but as always your mind is screwing around with you, so you’ll be in a position where you’re not standing anymore but you’re also not sitting down. This one was too specific, I’m talking about myself here, and from experience this position is so cringe-y.
What is the purpose of this article? I have no clue, maybe it’s to make you feel you’re not alone ,maybe it’s to make me feel I’m not alone, maybe it doesn’t have a purpose or maybe this article is just awkward !

Grosome: a made up word for when Ammar panics!!

Gikochinai (AWKWARD)