Our writer takes you on a journey with their “super power”:


Super Power


This article was suggested to be written by a very close friend of mine that I truly just adore, thank you for giving me the idea!!

What are superpowers… dammit… it’s a stupid thing to write about I know, but seriously, some people living amongst us have superpowers, some have very intense psychic powers that they can predict everything to the second, oh well..

What I really want to talk about is something, that my friend and I called a superpower, is my ability to see pain in others, their body language, their eyes, see their pain, and feel it, see all their sufferings, the fact that I can see all that without them telling me, just says how

A friend of mine has some trouble with their parents, I knew about it, I never asked, their body language and the way they speak just kind of says it, it’s weird that I knew, when I just met that friend, now I know them well, as I said, I never asked about it, they just told me by themselves.

It’s bizarre if you think of it, to connect to the people around you, and feel their pain without even asking and then, them trusting you enough to tell you, all about their sad stories, all about their troubles, I don’t know what’s so special about me, or about my relationship with my friends, but I love them no matter what, I never judged them before I met them, I’m not the kind of a person that judges people, I just can tell their pain, I can see it deep in their eyes, eyes are mirrors and I am the reader, I am the person that is always there for their friends no matter what, it’s not really a super power, it was a joke between me and that friend I mentioned earlier in the article, super powers are real, some people actually have them, I don’t whatsoever, but the people who do, if they channel it right, they can save the world.


Super Powers!