Look back at your memories and remember with our own Heba Darweesh:

Maybe we’ve changed

Remember that friend you used to always play with, that one friend that you’d share all your toys with because they were special and you couldn’t wait for the moment you saw them.

 Remember when sitting with your family was the best part of your day when cracking the most ridiculous jokes with your old father was such a delight

 Remember when you used to look up to your teachers and when they gave you homework as a child and you just couldn’t wait to go home to get to it , and when your mum said something that was against what your teacher explained you used to argue so much to bring justice to your teacher

 Remember when we used to look at the trees and think their slender tops can touch the sky

Remember when colouring was a thing in your life and used to bring joy to you

 Remember how beautiful it was when it rained Remember when we thought we’re going to be friends forever

 Remember when we had so much fun together

 Remember when you met your first love Remember how nervous you were

Remember the first memory you two shared

 Remember how hard it was when you broke up

 Remember how you thought you’ll never fall in love again

 Remember the first fight you had with your mother Remember when you found the one Remember how it felt to have your first child

 Remember how painful it was to watch them cry

 Remember the tears in your eyes when you saw them graduate

 Remember how you kept all these memories Now it hurts to know that I’m further away from heaven than when I was a boy It hurts​to know that everyone I loved had left It hurts to see your little ones move on It hurts to be alone now It hurts to know that the adventure has come to an end Not because we’re older But maybe because they’ve changed

Maybe …we’ve changed.

Just remember….