An article describing wrongful trust in any friendship:

Have you ever trusted someone to level that they could ruin your life with all they know?


When you begin trusting someone it’s as if you are putting your life in someone’s hands ,there are millions of trust stories that end up with the person you trusted becoming untrustworthy but here’s mine , I had this person I thought was my friend , we were inseparable, I trusted them with every single tiny detail that if they decided to ever turn on me they could have turned my life into hell , well I never thought this would happen and I realized I was dumb and I was blinded by the “love” they gave me at the time , little did I know they were creating a plan to destroy me all at once, they started by stepping on me and destroying my rust to gain popularity and after they succeeded by doing that and turning my life to hell, it still wasn’t enough, they went around all of my friends and creating fabricated stories and basically convinced them that I am the devil , and “bam!” at this point they made me lose 4 of my friends and she ruined my life, that day all I wanted to was to curl up in a ball and not exist anymore they left me all alone, made all of my friends hate me, and they left a deep cut in my heart that can never be repaired , I started with trying to move on but no one does this without something happening to them , in a few months after this happened to me people began to realize what they truly are, everyone stopped trusting them, and the friends that they brain washed came running back.

And now their actions left them alone with no one to go back to. To this day they are scared that I will do to them what they did to me but I won’t karma did its job.

 How? “how can a human being be that disgusting and heartless?” a question that I ask myself every day and I don’t have an answer to , people will sell you and all of your secrets even if it just benefits them by 0.00001 % , after what’s happened I learned not to trust easily so that won’t happen again…