disappointment: dɪsəˈpɔɪntm(ə)nt/ noun sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

If you look it up in the dictionary that’s what would show up . Disappointment in my point of view maybe one of the worst feelings one would go through . Because it’s not just a feeling that goes by and then that’s it It’s a feeling that somewhat changes something inside you , something in your heart , It’s something in your mind , something that you would constantly think about , and try so hard to change . It may come from other individuals directed towards you , like the disappointment of your parents perhaps or of your teachers or the whole society maybe . This type of disappointment would hurt you and make you reconsider some aspects of your life . But the most painful type of disappointment is the one that comes from within you, The one from you …towards you It hurts your soul and is even to most likely cause you depression It’s always there , nagging at the back of your brain , reminding you of how much of a disappointment you are to everyone including yourself . But believe me it doesn’t have to be that way , because everything works out at the end , if you just put that little bit of extra effort , if you just try to look at your self as someone who just failed at that specific minor thing and you’re just gonna succeed eventually . If you’d just stop looking at yourself as a disappointment to society and yourself you’d accomplish so much more in your life , if you’d just give yourself the credit you deserve . It may be hard at the beginning to believe in yourself and look at yourself as someone who can achieve and impress and make them selves and people proud , But you can…if you’d just keep going and look around you’d notice that there’s so many people who are willing to help you and tell you that you’ve actually done a great job and tried your best nevertheless of the outcome of that job , cuz it doesn’t stop there , it doesn’t revolve around that one fail .. there’s so many fails in the way , but there’s so much to achieve too . So if every time you fail you’d just stop there and think about the disappointment, believe me you’re not going anywhere , but if you just learn from that and move on to the next stop , cuz that’s how it is that’s how it works its simply ” c’est la vie ” my friend, you’d get to the last stop feeling proud and having a smile on your face and a great story to tell .