Music for the generation

The genres of music varies all around the world, the most common is: pop, punk rock, rock, metal and hip hop. Many kids nowadays, think that music defines them, if they listen to popular music, they get the feeling it would make them more popular, or that they’d be getting the attention they need , that they’d be more liked by their acquaintances , or that it makes them more superior over the other kids who listen to old, classical music. Kids nowadays, bully others if they don’t have the same taste of music, as in, if you don’t listen to Justin Bieber for example, you’re considered trash in the society of teens, it’s sad how music nowadays defines people differently from times in the 70’s and 80’s, it’s also sad music took a marketing turn, trash music is more popular than any kind of good music, it’s weird how people just forgot what it’s like to listen to music that makes goose bumps run over your arms and legs, and make you feel happy or sad as if you are the artist writing it or singing it , it’s so sad to see people take concerts as an excuse to get drunk nowadays, it’s sad to see people not appreciate the fathers of music, like Mozart and Beethoven and the Beatles. In the end, APPRECIATE THE MUSIC, and DONT look down on people because of their taste of music , everyone listens to the music that tells their story and they relate to , AND DON’T FORGET, LOVE the music because music is somewhat a pulse of happiness in our lives .

Music for generation