A Heartache.

I wanna tell you a story, of how it feels to be heartbroken, it starts with this numb feeling in your chest, goes down to your stomach, makes you feel full so you don’t eat for days, it’s that feeling that conquers your muscles to not work when you need to get yourself out of bed, it’s that feeling that makes you feel like everything is blurry and can’t be reached, it’s the friends around you that you can’t see, because you’re way too blinded from the pain of it, you say you’re okay, that you’re over it, but in reality, you are not, you’re lying, to  each and every person you see, every person that cares about you, it’s not easy, and it’s not only related to relationships, it can be a long friendship, it can be a lover that traveled and left you behind to deal with the pain of long distance, and you can’t simply detach yourself from them because, because maybe they’re the first person you fell for, it’s hard to let go of your first love, it’s never easy,  as it is hard to break a long friendship, it’s never easy to let go of your first love, and long distance breaks your heart.

Last thing I wanna say here, you are strong enough to conquer the world around you, you are strong enough to let go and look for new people, I say this from 4 experiences, 3 heartaches and one friendship, I tell you, it’s not easy, you don’t know this, but you have the strength to let go. 

A heartache