An article explaining how many tragedies, can create art!!

By our very own Ghaida AlSaket:



The Predator-By Jana Ababneh  



Art Tragedy

What you need to make art & the correlation between good art and tragedy:

The argument of our compelling and bizarre need for tragedy in our lives in order to create decent pieces of artwork is an argument that’s been present for ages. The Dutch Vincent Van Gogh, world’s greatest phenomena in the world of art in my humble opinion- produced the finest of paintings while suffering from severe depression, at the age of 37 Van Gogh ended his own life and his last words were “The sadness will last forever”. As tragic as that incident may sound I want you to remember that the same sadness that had killed the art god had also been the reason behind the great -Starry Night- painting.

Tragedy comes in different forms. For German-American poet and novelist Charles Bukowski, it was his childhood. During Bukowski’s early years, he considered himself the ugliest child to have walked this earth, he was bullied for most of his school years if not all, he had a father that beat him with a razor strop whenever he had the chance and the excuse. Bukowski developed an aggressive attitude and a short temper as a result of the abuse. The angry poet liked to think of his inflaming rage, which resulted from his tragic childhood, as the essential source of material for his writings. All of this is beautifully written in one of Bukowski’s bestselling books, his semi-autobiography: Ham on Rye. A character that represents a favourite author for many lost his battle against Leukaemia at the age of 73.

Johnny Cash, also known as “the Man in Black” has also had his fair share of tragedies which had earned him the titles of best-selling artist of all time and most influential musician of the 20th century. To further stress upon my point regarding the correlation between good art and tragedy, sorrow and melancholy were the prevailing themes in Cash’s award-winning songs, also demonstrated in his out-of-this-world cover for the song –Hurt- originally by Nine Inch Nails.

To steer clear from the mainstream and as a change of pace from the typical conclusion of an article, I shall leave you with Kurt Cobain’s words: “Thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art”.

Art Tragedy!