The following are interviews with the bands who rocked Amman on the 3rd of March at the Performance Art Theater!



Interview with Zaid Kilani, lead singer of Jabal Al Mareikh:

Q1: How did you come up with the name of the band, and what does it stand for?

Zaid: It stands for where I grew up, in the east side of Amman.

Q2: What’s the genre of your music?

Zaid: I would describe it as Alternative/ Post Grunge Rock

Q3: When did the band start?

Zaid: I would say it started in December 2014, but personally I didn’t want to be the lead singer, I just wanted to compose and write songs that’s all, so I posted online to look for band mates and I did find some very talented people

Q4: Would you say that you have competition/ beef between you and other bands?

Zaid: I would say no, there’s no competition between us and other bands as our genre is very unique here in Jordan.

Q5: Generally, what are your songs about?

Zaid: Our songs are mostly about the social life in Amman and some of my personal experiences.

Q6: Are there any new projects you’re working on?

Zaid: We are striving towards making an album, but we release singles every once in a while.

Q7: How do you feel towards Internet promotion?

Zaid: I think Internet promotion is a very important thing, because we should use whatever the youth use nowadays, as the age of printing posters is dead.

Q8: How do you start creating your music?

Zaid: I usually start by playing the guitar, until I feel the rhythm and then I start writing the words.

Q9: How would you describe the relationship between you and your band mates?

Zaid: I’d say it’s a really good relationship, I just it becomes tighter than it is now, as we only meet once a week and I’m trying to meet up with them to make it a much better.

And now the last question I had for Zaid was…

Q10: Tell me one of the funniest moments that happened to the band during a concert or a band practice?

Zaid: Around 2 years ago, in March 2015, a journalist came to our concert and in the article she put our genre as Hip-Hop, not Rock, that’s the funniest thing that happened to us as a band.


  Now the interview with the lead singer of Blues O’ Bantaloun, Ala’a Khouri:

Q1: How did you come up with the band’s name? it’s very unique!

Ala’a: Well, as you know Blues is a state of mind, it’s when you’re feeling down, and we put Bantaloon because it just goes with it.

Q2: How do you create your music?

Ala’a: The music just comes to you, you can ask any musician and they’ll tell you the same thing, and mostly our music is about old experiences.

Q3: If the band had the chance to travel, where would you travel and why?

Ala’a: I would love to travel to Egypt as a band, as it’s the capital of Arabian music.

Q4: Would you say there’s beef or competition between Blues O’ Bantaloon and other bands?

Ala’a: It’s not about competition, we do music for ourselves and if some people can relate to the music we make then that’s awesome! Also, it’s about freedom of will and thought, and I really don’t like such drama.

Q5: Any new music that you’re into lately?

Ala’a: Well, I’ve been a Daft Punk fan since forever, so the new songs for them are very interesting for me, and anything that’s similar to their style.

Q6: Are you thinking about new projects to work on?

Ala’a: We are working on a new album, but it’s different, because we lost a band member, this album is going to have kind of a punk style. Punk is not a music genre, it’s an attitude that you can express through music.

Q7: How would you explain the relationship between each other?

Ala’a: It’s tight but we fight a lot. I think fighting is a good thing because it makes us more creative. Also, we –as a band- we strive for perfection, greatness, and powerful music.

Q8: Lastly, I’d love to end this interview with a question I asked all three bands. Could you tell me the funniest thing that happened to you guys as a band on stage?

Ala’a: One of the funniest moments was a guy throwing firecrackers on stage so I told everyone to make a circle around him, point at him, then say “This is the coolest guy in Amman”

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